Best New Skincare YouTubers & Vloggers 2024

With skincare evolving so fast it's great to have such an active community of creators out there on YouTube spreading their love of all things skincare. But as skincare has become more popular, so has telling people about it! 

Hot on the heels of our original 'Top Five Skincare YouTubers' we break down five more of our favourite experts that can be relied on to give high quality skincare advice. Each one brings a unique take on their particular corner of skincare, and hopefully you find someone to help you along in your skincare journey. 

We've picked these five in no particular order - check them all out and see who works for you! 

Cassandra Bankson

First up in Cassandra Bankson and her army of nearly 2 million subscribers. Model, medical esthetician and skincare nerd, Cassandra has been in the industry for more than 10 years, This big subject here is acne, which she has been dealing with personally for more than 15 years.

Cassandra created her channel understanding the need for a community that uplifts and guides each other through the ups and downs of our skincare journeys. Check her out and join the ranks of acme-cysters! 

As an animal lover she only features vegan and cruelty-free product and she likes to call all her community beautiful Butterflies. 



Born in Korea, raised in LA and now back in her homeland, Eunice shares stories about k-beauty, skincare and her daily life in Korea.

Eunice shows us the best of K-Beauty in her content, letting us know the most recent and advanced products from Korea. 

Be sure to check out her beauty tutorials including How to Properly Use Sheet Masks and How to Get Glass Skin


Wishtrend TV

Wishtrend TV launched in 2013 with the aspiration of spreading healthy skincare, beauty and lifestyle with everyone and everywhere. Think of it as a health and beauty online library where you can find professional skincare, beauty, and health tips. 

Where they really excel is in their skincare advice and frequent Q&A sessions. There's also loads more than just skincare - including yoga, make-up and nutrition!


Nadine Bagott

Nadine is a legend in skincare circles. Health and Beauty Journalist and TV presenter for 30 years, Nadine is the authority on all things make-up, skincare and hair. Her non-nonsense, humerous approach to telling things like they are has won her a loyal army of skincare fanatics.

This is one of the best channels for what she likes to call 'beauty for grown ups', where you will find her sharing her secrets and great western and Asian beatuy advice.


The Monodist

A long-standing passion for Korean beauty lets Odile Monod share her expertise and professional knowledge of the Korean Beauty industry with people that want to learn how to navigate the complex world of K-Beauty.

Her love for Korean beauty inspired her to take up Korean as a second language so she could have a better understanding of the industry, the practices and the culture behind it. Now that's dedication!

Instead of generic product reviews, Odie wants to offer an exploration of Korean Beauty’s history, innovations, technology, and trends. If you're looking to get under the skin of skincare, this is the channel for you. 


So there you have it! Five incredble channels packed full of great skincare advice. 

Have a favourite skincare YouTuber we haven't featered? Let us know in the comments below and we'll check them out! 

Don't forget to check out the original Top Five Skincare YouTubers post. And check out our great range of Korean skincare while you're here. 


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