Beginners Guide to Moisturisers

Skincare Moisturisers Guide

Moisturising might be the last step in the skincare routine but that doesn’t make it the least important. If you get it right it will boost hydration, prevent flaking and dullness and create a protective layer on top of our skin. 

When it comes to moisturising there are competing schools of thought. Some believe that it is not necessary as the body can already keep the skin hydrated without any help, and that by moisturising you are just training your skin to be lazy. While there may be some truth in this, most experts now agree that moisturising is a great way to keep skin looking bright and feeling great. 

Boosting Your Skin

Moisturising reduces the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness on our skin, especially important when the seasons change. When it gets colder and humidity levels plunge our skin can get left behind and become dry and tight. Applying additional moisturiser around these times can help our skin cope with these seasonal adjustments. 

Moisturises do exactly what you would expect - moisturise! They instantly boost the hydration levels of the top layer of your skin. They won’t have long-lasting effects on the skin’s structure or hydration levels once the product has been absorbed and used up. However, a great side-effect of applying a moisturiser is that it locks in the ingredients from the previous stages of your skincare routine, enabling them to work more effectively and for longer. 

Moisturiser Ingredients

Ingredients are Key

When looking for the right moisturiser you should take into account environmental factors. In extremes of cold or dry weather a thicker moisturiser works best. Important ingredients to look out for include hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, which help keep skin hydrated. In warm or humid conditions Glycerin, propylene glycol, proteins, and urea help attract water to your skin. Finally, Lanolin is a mineral oil that helps lock in moisture.

Remember, having a consistent routine in the morning and before bed creates more hydrated and softer looking skin over time. You can learn more about skincare routines here 

We would love you to share your skincare experiences using the comments below. Skincare is a community and your comments can help others who may not be so far along their skincare journey. 

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