Our Story

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Hi there. 

We are Jon and Priscilla. Priscilla has been searching for the best way to look after her skin for the past five years. Like so many people, her journey started out on the internet. She didn't really know where to start and through many evenings scouring blogs, youtube and facebook she took a crash course into the fundamentals of skin care. 

Since these humble beginnings, Priscilla has continued her research into the field of skin care, testing different combinations of products and constantly refining her routine.

Friends and colleagues began to ask her advice as they too started to take care of their skin, and Priscilla became a sought after name for advice on all things skin care. With Refresh Skin Care we want to spread the word to a wider audience. 

As you may be realising, skin care is a constantly evolving discipline and new ideas and ingredients appear all the time. Add in the plethora of bloggers and skin care experts out there, and the whole thing starts to become incredibly confusing!

Our aim at Refresh is simple. We want to make looking after your skin as easy as possible. We do this by selecting products based on their ingredients. When you take away all the branding and marketing, it is the ingredients that are getting you the results you need. We only select products with effective ingredients at an affordable price. 

As for me, well I am one of Priscilla's skin care converts. As a guy I was initially resistant to the idea of looking after my skin. I want to reassure and encourage other guys that it's ok to want to look after your skin. We go to the gym to look after our bodies, so why not apply the same level of care to our skin? 

Thanks for being part of the skin care revolution. If you ever need to get in contact with us you can email me or Priscilla through info@refreshskincare.co.uk

Jon & Priscilla