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Korean Skincare - Animal Testing Ban

The great news is that as of 2018 South Korea banned all ingredient and cosmetic testing on animals. It is illegal for Korean brands to test their products and product ingredients on animals, bringing them into line with the EU and US standards. 

For an in-depth look at what this means for Korean skincare products you can read more here. 

Vegan Products

Many of the products we sell contain animal-derived ingredients like honey and snail mucin, so cannot be classified as vegan. Where products are vegan we will make this clear. 

Snail Mucin

Some of our products contain snail mucin which is the lubricating excretion that snails travel on. Mucin is collected from farmed snails and does not harm the snails. You can read more about snail mucin and how it is harvested here and in the video below.