Stop Making These Five Sunscreen Mistakes!

Reducing our skin's exposure to the sun is one of the easiest and most effective ways or protecting our skin. The sun harms our skin in a number of ways, from short term sun burn, to the longer term skin damage and premature ageing, and eventually a higher risk of developing skin cancer. 

Everyone gets incidental exposures to the sun - even on cloudy days - which is why it is so important to get in the habit of using sunscreen every day. You should consider applying sunscreen as the most important part of your morning skincare routine - don't skip it! 

Even if you are in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning (well done you!) there are some common mistakes we all make when applying this essential product.

Using Too Little 

The less sunscreen you apply on your skin the less protection you get.

Under applying sunscreen results in inadequate protection. Most people never apply the correct amount of sunscreen. Studies suggest that most people apply just 20% to 50% of the amount that they need to achieve the actual sun protection factor (SPF) written on the bottle. 

The standard recommendation for the face is ¼ teaspoon or two finger lengths.

Common Sunscreen Mistakes


Applying Only in Sunny Weather  

UV rays can still get through when it is completely overcast. It is the UV index that puts you at risk of burning, and that exists whether its bright, sunny, or cloudy.

UVA accounts for up to 95% of UV radiation that reaches the earth’s surface. These ray, which penetrate the dermis, inner layer of the skin, are associated with causing premature skin ageing. Unlike UVB, UVA reaches the skin even when it's overcast, and grey outside and it reaches our skin through clouds and windows. 

When it comes to skin cancer, both UVA and UVB, that mainly affects the epidermis, can cause it.

Always opt for a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more, and adequate UVA protection.

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Using An Old Bottle

And storing your sunscreen in the heat.

The ingredients in sunscreen will break down and separate over time, and with it their ability to protect. It will not spread right on the skin, and it won’t give an even level of protection. 

Storing sunscreen in direct sunlight or intense heat will speed up the separation process and reduce the effectiveness of the sun protection factor. 

To get the best protection from your SPF check the expiry date and store out of direct sunlight and intense heat. 

Not Reapplying Sunscreen

Sunscreen gets less effective over time.

Over time sunscreen is going to rub off with sweat, with water, with your clothing and when the skin is touched. Throughout the day the effectiveness decreases with time. Eventually you end up with an uneven layer and those gaps in your sunscreen shield let the sun get through and reach the skin.

Reapplying through the day will form an even layer on your skin and help to even out any previous layers, ensuring you are constantly protected. 

It's best practice to reapply sunscreen every two hours when you're outdoors. If you're going swimming opt for a waterproof sunscreen to protect you while in the water, and always reapply once you are back on dry land.  

A great way to reapply sunscreen on the go is to use an Air Cushion. It's small, portable and allows you to apply evenly using a sponge, ensuring the sunscreen absorbs quickly and evenly.  

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Applying Too Late

Most chemical sunscreens take a while to properly give you fill protection. After you have applied your sunscreen wait five to ten minutes for your sunscreen to settle down and form an even layer before you apply your make-up or heading into direct sunlight. 


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Remember, sunscreen is just one tool in protecting yourself from sun damage. Wearing a broad brimmed hat, having long sleeves and not staying out in the sun too long will all help to reduce your expose to the sun and reduce the risk of damage to your skin.


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