Barrier Intensive Cream - Ready for any Weather

It's that time of the year again, summer one day and autumn the next. Now is the season to prepare your skin for unpredictable weather. The Soon Jung 2X Barrier Intensive Cream from Etude House can help your skin cope at this changeable time of year. 

Balance is everything at this time of year, and the perfect combination of gentle, minimal, and skin-calming ingredients keep the skin balanced and hydrated. The cream is designed especially for sensitive skin so can deal with any irritation caused by unstable weather. 

Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream Etude House

The barrier cream is formulated with 93% naturally derived ingredients and Etude House has kept the formula free of potential irritants like fragrance, artificial colour and parabens.

The ingredient highlights are madecassoide, panthenol and sunsflower seed oil. Madecassoside is one of the active compounds found in Centella Asiatica to help the skin’s natural moisture barrier, great for calming and wound healing. Panthenol is an effective humectant attracting and binding water to the skin, and can also help with lipid production. Nourishing sunflower seed oil - high in linoleic fatty acids - is great for emolliency and  excellent for moisture and for the skin barrier.

As if these ingredients were not enough, the Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive cream contains Glycerin, a high humectant that protects and delivers long lasting hydration. Finally, Shea Butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins for super moisturising, hydrating and softening the skin.

Product Summary

  • Light but protective making it perfect for the changeable and unpredictable weather
  • Non greasy and quick absorption, ideal for mornings routines before leaving the house. 
  • Effective natural ingredients make this perfect for sensitive or irritated skin


Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream 60ml


Have you tried the Soon Jung Barrier Intensive Cream? Help the skincare community and share your experiences in the comments below. 

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