Why You Need to Cleanse You Skin

Our skin can take a lot of punishment during the day, and thankfully a good nights sleep gives skin a chance to repair and regenerate.  An evening skincare routine is essential to help our skin back to its best. While it's easy to focused on adding steps and products to our routine, it is the correct preparation of your skin that will have the biggest impact on how effective your routine is. 

Facial cleansers have an important role in the skincare routine but we might be not doing this most important and basic step in our skincare daily routine properly.

During the day our skin is bombarded with negative influences. Make-up, daily exposure to environmental factors, dirt and sweat accumulate on the skin. Excess oil also build up on the top of the epidermis. These factors not only increase breakouts, but without a daily facial cleansing the skin will have poor luminosity and texture issues that will make it look tired and dull. 

Cleansing your skin at the start of your routine will help to remove this built up dirt and impurities. And with clearer skin, the effectiveness of the subsequent products in your routine is increased as they can penetrate the epidermis epidermis more easily. 

As with all things in skincare, there is not one routine that works well for everyone. You need to be careful not to over-cleanse the skin, while understanding that cleansing is not just removing make-up but preparing the skin for your skincare routine.  

Double Cleansing Skincare Routine

Double cleansing has become very popular recently, and like most skincare trends, originated in Asian. This skincare step started in the 14th century and involves using a cleansing oil first followed by a facial cleanser. In Japan and Korea, cleansing oils were the only means of removing the white paint-like base that women traditionally wore. This was followed with a foaming cleanser to remove any oil residue.

If you wear a lot of make up or you have been re-applying sunscreen throughout the day then you might consider adding a double step to your cleansing routine. 

Refresh Recommends.....

Banila Co Zero Cleansing Balm - One of the top choices for cleansing balms, it's a great option as the first step in a double cleansing routine. The cleanser comes in a solid balm that melts into a luxurious smooth oil when it is applied to the skin. 

Formulated with papaya extract - for Vitamin C - and cherry extract - for Vitamin A - which are both great antioxidants that will help to protect your skin against free radicals. 

It is formulated to remove make-up and excess oil and impurities without stripping the skin. The balm leaves the skins natural moisture in tact, keeping the skin smooth and hydrated.

This balm will not irritate the skin or strip the natural moisture leaving a smooth texture without leaving oily residue.

How to Use:

Apply the balm cleanser on dry skin. Take your time massaging into your face until all the makeup has completely melted down. Emulsify the oil by massaging your wet palms. At this stage, the oily solution turns into a milky consistency. Rinse with plain water, and follow up with your water-based foaming/gel cleanser.


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