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Purito Plainet Squalane Oil 100 30ml

Purito Plainet Squalane Oil 100 30ml

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Nourish your skin with the Plainet Squalane Oil 30ml from Purito. Experience the pure, natural essence of this remarkable elixir, harnessing the power of 100% squalane, a plant-derived wonder, to provide deep hydration, smooth texture, and a radiant complexion like never before.

Pure Plant-Derived Squalane: Purito Plainet Squalane Oil is derived from 100% pure sugarcane squalane, ensuring a clean and sustainable source of hydration for your skin.

Deep Nourishment: This lightweight yet deeply hydrating oil sinks into your skin, replenishing moisture and promoting a healthy, luminous glow without clogging pores.

Skin Barrier Support: Squalane helps fortify your skin's natural barrier, creating a shield against environmental stressors and locking in precious moisture, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Versatile Usage: This multi-purpose oil can be used as a standalone moisturizer, added to your favorite skincare products for an extra boost, or applied before makeup to create a smooth canvas.

Great for...
long lasting nourishment and hydration!

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Size: 30ml


Squalane (100%)

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