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Mamonde - Skincare Brand Guide

Mamonde is a South Korean skincare and cosmetics brand created in 1991 by Amore Pacific, one of the largest cosmetics companies in South Korea. The brand name comes from a combination of the the French words Ma and Monde, My World!

Inspired by the beauty of flowers - and devoted to studying them for 29 years - Mamonde aims to convey the vitality and energy of flowers in its products.

The development of every Mamonde product begins in the Mamonde Garden. Mamonde only collects naturally fallen buds, petals, and seeds from their research garden to preserve the active compounds while maximising their natural, skin-nourishing benefits.

Floral Inspiration

Mamonde has grown and observed flowers extensively to discover the benefits the can offer the skin. Mamonde Garden studies the ecological mechanism in which flowers protect themselves from the external environment and elevate their nutritional content to the highest in time for blossoming.

Mamonde has a wide range of makeup and skin care products, packed full of natural ingredients. They use flowers such as camellia, lotus, and jasmine as ingredients for their products. 

Mamonde is a brand that aims to accentuates a woman’s beauty. Why are they obsessed with flowers? Because flowers are not simply plants but are remembered for their beauty.

Take a tour of the Mamonde Garden:


Refresh Recommends.....

Mamonde Vital Vitamin Essence 100ml

This revitalising essence contains six vitamins: B3, F, E, P, B5 and C, plus bitter orange flower. The vitamins are delivered in capsules which break into fine particles to deliver fresh active ingredients direct to the skin. 

This product is inspired by the bitter orange flower. Unlike the flowers of the sweet orange, bitter orange flowers only bloom for a very short period. That’s why Mamonde harvest and extract the flowers every day to maintain the scent and prevent discoloration

The result is an essence which revitalises and reawakens the skin, perfect for giving tired skin a fresh and lively look. 


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